Heartburn Helping Foods: 10+ Good Choices To Relieve Reflux

Heartburn is often caused by acid reflux.

This means that each food able to increase the acidity of stomach content can possibly cause heartburn episodes.

However, not in all cases of reflux, there is heartburn.

In any case, foods play an important role.

They can be a risk factor for heartburn and acid reflux, but they can also protect from reflux.

Before start thinking about any medication or drug, it’s essential to better know what heartburn helping foods really are.

Once you know them, you can adapt your diet to your specific condition.

Finally, you increase your chances of preventing reflux and its symptoms.

By eating the right foods, you can avoid the disease to progress.

There are still some controversies when it comes to certain foods and their effects on heartburn and acid reflux.

We’re here to make things clearer.

Heartburn Helping Foods

Heartburn Helping Foods: The Best Thing For Your Health

There are two important considerations to make, first of all.

The first one is that no one of the foods we’ll consider a “100% complete cure” for heartburn and acid reflux. We have to be crystal clear on this point.

Eating the right foods surely helps, however, each right food is not a complete solution for your heartburn.

You should think about foods like a supporting habit, to avoid the disease from progress and to make your life better on a daily basis.

That’s a lot because you can improve your quality of life in a measurable way.

So, foods are not a cure but can make your life better.

The second important consideration is that, despite beneficial effects, some foods can provide you side-effects, that’s why you always must listen to your organism.

People are not all equal, and this has extreme importance when it comes to eating habits.

Heartburn and acid reflux are not an exception.

This means that what you find in books, on websites, about foods to ease heartburn, is important, but you must understand if they are so good for your case.

The experience is the key.

Foods That Reduce Acid Reflux

Some foods have been proven very effective in lowering the effects of reflux, and heartburn as well.

We can consider them grouped into a few categories.

#1) Foods that lower the acidity of stomach content. So, in the case of reflux, this content is much less aggressive. As a result, your heartburn is much more bearable. They are green veggies, like broccoli, cauliflowers, asparagus, green beans, and celery.

#2) Foods that are low in fats (in general). They are good because they make gastric emptying faster, unlike fat-rich meals that slow it down instead.


#3) Foods with anti-inflammatory properties. They can also be considered as a natural treatment for heartburn. Among them, a special mention deserves ginger, one of the most effective natural solutions you can definitely consider. The same is valid for turmeric, a potent anti-inflammatory that can be used by following the proper guidelines.

#4) Foods rich in fibers. They can absorb acid in the stomach and so preventing symptoms of reflux. As a general rule, whole-grain bread is a good option.

#5) Fruits, with an exception for citrus fruits and juices.

#6) Lean meats, fish, and seafood. They are low-fat foods and reduce symptoms of acid reflux significantly. When eating poultry (lean meat) you have to remove the skin. About fish, please don’t fry it and do not use fatty sauces.

#7) Healthy Fats, as you can find in some oils (such as sunflower and olive oil), and foods rich in unsaturated fats.

#8) Root vegetables, like potatoes. However, avoid onions because they are an important causal factor for acid reflux and heartburn.

#9) Foods with healthy complex carbs, like rice and also couscous. A tip: brown rice has more fibers, so it should be your first option.

#10) Egg whites alone. In fact, egg yolks are fat-rich and can lead to reflux.


In addition, there are some “single foods” that can help a lot to relieve symptoms of acid reflux.


Among them, there is fennel, which has been proven effective in improving digestion.

It’s one of the most promising natural sources of traditional medicine.

With fennel, parsley is also very good.

According to some studies, parsley is great protection against gastric injuries and this makes it a good choice for the diet of heartburn sufferers.

Always remember that listening to your organism is essential.

Not all these foods act the same way in different people.

We found a very interesting video presentation (with slides) about some useful Indian foods that help in case of heartburn.

This resource adds value to what we’ve seen above.

It’s well worth a watch.

Good snacks for acid reflux

This topic is quite controversial.

The list of foods in the above paragraph gives an idea of what should help to relieve heartburn and (in some cases) preventing acid reflux. Or, at least, the progress of the disease.

This means that snacks based on the above foods could be a good option.

However, there’s a side effect we can’t miss to consider now.

As reported by an important study, we can find what follows.

All times when a snack (no matter the composition) is ingested between the three daily meals, the secretion of gastric acid occurs, and the lower esophageal sphincter is relaxed.

This may lead to an episode of reflux (with possible heartburn).

The higher the number of snacks, and the higher the risk of triggering this condition.

The interesting part of this study is that beyond the composition, the frequency of snacks can complicate things.

Anyway, when eating, the foods we’ve listed in the above paragraph are the best choice.

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Is Milk Good For Acid Reflux?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions.

There are people who report a beneficial effect, meaning that drinking a glass of milk can relieve heartburn.

Once again the experience is essential.

From a scientific point of view, the presence of some nutrients in milk, such as fats, leads the stomach to produce more acid.

This means that the stomach content is more acid and heartburn could even get worse.

As you can see, it depends on the person. The presence of additional factors is also relevant.

Whatever the case, it’s important not to overfill the stomach, because this may lead to heartburn.

Almond milk for heartburn: a good alternative

A special mention to almond milk: it may be the best alternative to cow milk,  because of some highly beneficial properties.

First of all, it has a higher pH value.

This means that almond milk doesn’t contribute to an increase in acidity of the stomach content.

Moreover, almond milk has been proven effective for people who suffer from protein allergies.

A safer choice that mix benefits for many people.

For more info, we report below a tutorial video on how to prepare almond milk.

Is yogurt good for heartburn?

In short, yes.

According to the Mayo Clinic, eating probiotics is good for heartburn and acid reflux.

In fact, they promote a good microbiological balance and this may help.

In addition, according to Harvard University, eating low-fat yogurts, with nuts or fruits, is a good option for breakfast.

There’s another interesting option to consider.

It’s kimchi.

A Korean fermented vegetable dish with several health benefits.

Among them, a positive effect on cholesterol and lipids, and good anti-oxidant power.

Perhaps not so widely known, however, a very good option for relieving reflux as well.

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Does peanut butter help heartburn?

According to findings, peanut butter is not included in the list of foods that trigger heartburn.

However, different people may react differently. The experience is important to better understand the personal tolerance to this specific food.

Peanut butter has some good components, such as fibers, minerals (the most relevant of which is the essential mineral manganese), and vitamins.

For what concerns heartburn and acid reflux, the main thing is the content of healthy unsaturated fats.

They help lowering cholesterol, meaning a positive action on the organism.

Although there are still a little reliable data on the actual effectiveness of peanut butter for heartburn and reflux, we can say that if it’s natural and without added sugars, it may work very well.

To go even deeper, it seems that smooth peanut butter is the best choice.

Can ice cream help with acid reflux?

Things are similar to what happens for milk and milk-related products.

The presence of fats can trigger heartburn, however, ice cream made with alternatives, such as soy milk, almond milk, etc.) can solve the issue.

Some people present heartburn after eating ice cream, while others don’t.

The experience may differ, even though the ingredients are the ones that make the real difference.


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Do Bananas Help With Heartburn?

Bananas belong to the category of low-acid fruits: that’s why they are so good to protect from heartburn.

In the presence of an irritated esophagus, bananas can act as a coating agent. This may prevent symptoms of reflux.

In addition, bananas contain fibers and that improves the overall health of the digestive system.

Moreover, bananas have pectin, which helps the proper clearance of stomach content.

Simply said, bananas are one of the best foods to eat when dealing with heartburn and acid reflux, no need to add more.

Fruits good for acid reflux: eat them and you’re safe

Following bananas, we can some other fruits to the list of “goodies2 for heartburn and acid reflux.

To keep things general, each low-acid fruit is good.

Watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew are fruits to add to the whitelist.

The presence in the diet of other risk factors, as well as other high-acid fruits, however, can be a problem.

Bananas and other low-acid fruits are just a part of a healthy diet for heartburn and acid reflux.

Not really a fruit, but derived from them, apple cider vinegar deserves a special mention because it helps when used in the right way.

Is Oatmeal Good For Acid Reflux?

There are some benefits from breakfast cereals consumption, and this is also valid for heartburn and acid reflux.

Oatmeal has been proven effective in improving appetite control and increasing satiety.

This has positive effects on people who suffer from reflux because it helps to fill the stomach. And this reduces the chances of heartburn episodes.

Oatmeal’s content in fibers promotes intestinal health, by reducing constipation.

Eating oatmeal with almond milk can be a great idea for lowering at best symptoms of acid reflux.

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What vegetables are good for acid reflux?

Green veggies are good to relieve symptoms.

Asparagus, spinach, kale, and brussels sprouts are highly alkaline, meaning that they all have a positive effect on the digestive system.

Broccoli and celery can have a soothing effect on the esophageal lining.

They also are low in fat and sugar, which makes the stomach content less acid.

A recommendation: cooking is crucial when it comes to digestive disorders. You can eat good food, but if it’s prepared in the wrong way, the expected benefit may vanish quickly.

That’s why you don’t want to fry or cream green veggies.

In these cases, the addition of high-fat ingredients makes things worse.

After veggies, water also needs attention, so we decided to dedicate a special analysis to it here.


There is the need to better know heartburn helping foods, to include them in the diet.

The likely best way to remember these foods is to understand the reasons for which they are so good.

So, let’s make a recap.

#1) Foods that lower the acidity of stomach content.

#2) Foods that are low in fats (in general).

#3) Foods with anti-inflammatory properties.

#4) Foods rich in fibers.

#5) Fruits, with an exception for citrus fruits and juices.

#6) Lean meats, fish, and seafood.

#7) Healthy Fats, as you can find in some oils (such as sunflower and olive oil), and foods rich in unsaturated fats.

#8) Root vegetables, like potatoes.

#9) Foods with healthy complex carbs, like rice and also couscous.

#10) Egg whites alone.

The above list represents the 10 categories of foods to know.

But we wrote 10+, at the beginning.

The “+” is made by the experience everyone has to develop, in order for he/she to be aware of what really works for his/her specific case.

Bottom line: you don’t need a list of foods to eat.

You need to know why the same foods should be eaten and how they bring you a benefit, based on the experience.

What To Do Next

Now that you read about what foods may help in case of heartburn, it’s time to take a step forward.

Our TOP suggestion is to visit the page dedicated to the best herbal mixtures you can use to get rid of reflux faster.

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To do that, please check the recommended resources below.

You can find real cases, applications, and suggestions on how to transform many of the foods we’ve considered into a true solution for heartburn and reflux.

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Thank you for your interest and attention.


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