Rapid Reflux Relief Review: Should You Treat These 2 Things?

The real causes of acid reflux still hide some uncertainties, such as the role of inflammation, or the effective responsibility of stomach content acidity level.

There are also many drugs that can trigger reflux and determining symptoms.

However, in this specific case, we want to direct your attention to a possible association between two very important and widespread digestive disorders.

They are acid reflux and infection by H. pylori.

Because the H. pylori infection is closely correlated with peptic ulcer, the relationship of this bacterium with gastroesophageal reflux disease (or GERD) gained momentum.

The discussion still is open, and it will continue in the near future.

That’s why we decided to post this “Rapid Reflux Relief Review”.

Exactly because this book focuses the attention on that relationship and claims that solving the problem with H. pylori will also set you free from reflux and its symptoms, including heartburn.

This topic deserves great attention, because of the high number of people suffering from both these two digestive disorders.

However, the question is: do acid reflux and H. pylori infection really must be considered together?

Or, better: can we get rid of reflux by targeting our action on H. pylori?

Let’s dive deeper to find an answer.

Rapid Reflux Relief Review

Rapid Reflux Relief Review: What This Double Protocol Is About?

In short, this Rapid Reflux Relief is a protocol to work on infection by H. pylori, in order for your reflux to disappear.

Everything is solved with the help of natural healers, you can easily find and apply at home.

We have to warn you: getting rid of reflux is unlikely, your real (achievable) final goal has to be making heartburn and other symptoms much more bearable.

In other words, you can improve a lot your quality of life. However, this doesn’t mean to get rid of reflux.

The proposed “double protocol” is based on two assumptions:

  • The presence, inside your stomach, of H. pylori, will lead to an increase in the acidity
  • This increased acidity will cause reflux and all related symptoms

Unfortunately, this is not scientifically accepted. Let’s see the reasons why.

The most important is that the acidity level of stomach content is just one of the many factors playing a role in determining symptoms.

In other words: acidity is a factor, but the acidity alone is not sufficient for determining such symptomatology.

The interesting case of NERD (compared to GERD), meaning Non-Erosive Reflux Disease, shows that it’s possible to experience reflux without any damages caused by the aggression of acidic content to the esophagus linen.

Another important reason to consider is the following. We quote it directly from one of the most relevant studies on this topic, published in 2017.

According to the existing data, there is no relationship between GERD and H. pylori presence. In addition, a successful eradication therapy for the H. pylori infection does not have an impact on the emergence or exacerbation of GERD.

However, to be 100% clear, there’s a thing that somehow connects acid reflux and infection by H. pylori.

It’s about complications, but we’ll cover it in a moment.

For now, because we are in a review, it’s important to point out the following.

The basic assumption does not have sufficient scientific support
We are not saying that everything in this book is wrong, because things are not like that (and you’ll see later on). However, the lack of scientific proof on a SO CLOSE relationship between acid reflux and H. pylori infection makes the book more interesting for people who really have to deal with this bacteria, more than for reflux sufferers.
You should use this book only under specific circumstances
As you already imagine, this book is full of information about the H.pylori topic. In fact, the main aim of this strategy is to solve your infection to experience benefits for your reflux as a direct consequence. That’s why you can use this book as a source of additional information (while using other ones), or in the case that you have a specific interest in H. pylori infection itself.

This is an important premise because you don’t have to think that the book is dead wrong.

However, it should be used very carefully, more carefully than others.

The truth about the relationship between reflux and H. pylori

Now, a bit of history of the connection between H. pylori and acid reflux.

We want to sum it up with the following list:

2000: A study by the University of Wisconsin Medical School
According to findings, there is no significant difference in reflux symptoms 1 and 6 months after H. pylori eradication.
2004: A study by the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine
According to findings, H. pylori should not be treated with the intent to either improve reflux symptoms or prevent the development of reflux complications.
2005: A study by the Otto-von-Guericke University
According to findings, the role of H. pylori infection in determining lesions to esophageal sphincter need more investigation.
2013: A study by the Tehran University of Medical Sciences
According to findings, the role of H. pylori infection in children can be even protective against the reflux disease

This last study is highly surprising, but under some circumstances, and in some patients (children) this has been observed.

So, as we can see, there is a lot more to understand about the topic.

One thing, in any case, it is scientifically ascertained.

And you must remember that because it represents the best advice for using this Rapid Reflux Relief book.

H. pylori eradication is recommended in patients that should use long-term PPI. With more detail, H. pylori screening and the eradication decision should be independent of GERD, except for patients that will use long-term PPI.

Because of what we’ve learned about the relationships between H. pylori and acid reflux, there are two categories of people who should use this book.

People Who Are Taking PPIs for Long Time
People who suffer from acid reflux and are on medications, with a diagnosed presence of infection by H. pylori, can definitely consider using this book. They are going to get the maximum benefit. By working on H. pylori infection they can reduce the chances of getting serious complications, such as Barret’s esophagus and esophageal adenocarcinoma.
People Who Are Dealing with Infection by H. pylori
Pretty self-explanatory, this protocol is mainly focused on H. pylori eradication, then it’s a good source of information to make the process easier and likely faster. Or, at least, safer from side-effects that are typical when you use drugs and prescription medications.

The bottom line: a good eradication of H. pylori infection is highly beneficial for people who are at risk of developing Barret’s esophagus, which is one of the most serious complications of reflux. Here’s the deep link between these two conditions, and it’s our duty to tell you about that.

Who’s behind this program: the creator

This book has been created by two people, in its final version.

The first one os the scientist Richard Harrow.

He used to work in the field of research for many years, even though he decided not to publish the result of his researches because of the long timing and, perhaps, the risk of being “robbed” of ideas.

Totally legit, we 100% respect him for this choice.

He is a biologist, with specific knowledge of chemicals that work on the digestive system.

The other author is a former reflux/heartburn sufferer, his name is Nick O’Connor.

Just like many people in the world, he struggled to find a good, natural and (above all else) really effective solution to his pain and discomfort.

Even worse, he has been diagnosed with Barrett’s esophagus (do you remember what we’ve said about H. pylori and this serious complication of reflux?).

After the good implementation of this system, they decided to create a book to share the program with many other reflux sufferers.

Rapid Reflux Relief Book: What’s Inside

The book is a simple guide on how to get rid of H. pylori infection, which is supposed to relieve your reflux as well. According to scientific evidence and what we’ve already reported above, this is highly unlikely to occur.

but, as you’re going to see, there are other good benefits you can expect by the application of what you find in this guide.

The book is based on a system and a special program

let’s go deep into knowing both these pillars of the book and find out why we can still consider the information valid and useful.

Even if this information is not really addressed to reflux and heartburn sufferers.

Rapid Reflux Relief Program

The program is based on the respect of some essential steps.

First of all, you need to understand what causes your reflux.

The program takes for granted the fact that H. pylori infection is the deep cause of everything.

This may not be true, but, on the other hand, you may have an interest in following the program if you fall into one of the following categories:

  • You are on medications (PPIs) for a long time AND you also have a diagnosed H. pylori infection
  • You are suffering from a diagnosed H. pylori infection, BUT you don’t have any acid reflux or GERD

This is important, you must take note of that.

Then, the program envisages what follows:

  • How to combine 5 different all-natural chemicals together in a way that systematically may seek out and eradicate H. pylori
  • Where to find the list of all-natural foods that contain the above-mentioned chemicals
  • How to take this formula (meaning the exact proportions, the frequency and any other thing you should know about it)
  • How to create different combinations to fit your needs even better (in other words, you’ll see how a lot of variety and options when following the guide)
  • How to use the guide again a few times per year as part of routine maintenance (this step is optional)

Ther’s a thing that deserves a bit more attention: it’s about the conclusion of the treatment.

You’ll need to adopt a good lifestyle, with good eating habits over and over again, because you can’t simply consider yourself as “totally healed” by the application of 1 single cycle of this program.

That’s why you want to extrapolate from this program the things that would be fair to apply over time, for greater safety.

Rapid Reflux Relief System

The system that basically holds the whole book is based on three essential aspects:

  • The role of H. pylori infection
  • The need for at least 5 chemicals that can eradicate H. pylori
  • The right food combinations that are required to make such chemicals able to work

Here is the great value of this book, regardless of whether reflux is caused by the H. pylori presence or not.

You are going to get precious information on this bacterium and how to reduce complications for GERD, especially if you’re taking medications for a long time.

Now, let’s take a closer look at these aspects.

What the H. pylori bacterium does

The book presents to you some facts about this bacterium.

It’s responsible for the vast majority of stomach ulcers (around 80%), and even more for ulcers in the upper small intestine.

More than this, H. pylori infection is also linked to most cases of stomach cancer.

Then, the book goes deeper into the relationship between the bacterium and acid reflux, even though we already considered that what it claims does not have a scientifically accepted evidence.

The authors say that the presence of H. pylori inside the stomach leads to an increased production of acid, which means increased chances of reflux.

We know, on the contrary, that acidity is just one of the factors, and this alone is not sufficient to determine reflux and GERD.

We can say that this part of the book is the weakest.

you find good information about the H. pylori as it si, but you should overlook what is reported on the relationship between the bacterium and acid reflux.

The 5 chemicals that may help you

The book continues by presenting 5 natural chemicals that are able to attack and destroy H. pylori.

Among them, we can report Sulforaphane.

It can be found on some vegetables, like broccoli, and has been proven beneficial under some circumstances. It may have a good action to prevent cancer and, especially, it helps people who suffer from diabetes.

Talking about sulforaphane and acid reflux, it has been found that natural product with antioxidant properties from broccoli has great potential to be used in chemoprevention and treatment of cancer caused by Barrett’s esophagus.

Once again, we can see the relationships between information provided by this book and the possibility to prevent complications of reflux.

That’s why we want to point out, one more time, that this book is good for a little number of acid reflux sufferers, and more precisely those who are on medications for a long time and are at risk of developing serious complications just like Barrett’s esophagus.

The right food combinations

All 5 natural chemicals (including sulforaphane) are found inside foods.

The book presents what foods you should purchase and how to combine them in your diet, in order for you to get the most from such natural principles.

For each of the natural chemicals listed, there is a specific series of foods to purchase and to combine, for getting the most benefit.

Besides foods, the book also presents a list of beverages, oils, and even supplements to avoid the risk of running out of ingredients.

The special formulas to apply can work (according to Nick O’Connor experience) in less than a week.

Rapid Reflux Relief Scam

Rapid Reflux Relief is not a “scam” in general terms.

However, it may not work if you are a reflux sufferer, because it works on a “cause” which is not a “cause”, according to scientific evidence until now.

But the book is definitely not a scam, because it provides good information.

You only have to switch the purpose.

This means that you must exactly know why are you reading it: are you suffering from H. pylori infection? Good, you’ll find great info.

The same if you are a reflux sufferer with a long history of medications, and with the risk of developing complications.

Such clarifications are important, you must consider them.

You are not going to find so many reviews on the net about this book, that’s why we decided to go deep and find out how this program can be used for your maximum benefit.

This is the most important takeaway: when it comes to this book, you must know HOW to use it, and WHO are the primary target people.

This book is not for everyone and, unfortunately, the book itself doesn’t tell that.

However, the information is interesting and deserves more attention.

Pros & Cons

Now, it’s time to highlight the advantages and disadvantages of this strategy.

We believe it’s very important to highlight each point well, to make things as clear as possible.

So, let’s get started with what we like about this program.

Good Information On H. pylori
The book is full of interesting and applicable information to treat infection by H. pylori naturally. Of course, this is not the main thing to do when you are suffering from reflux, however, information on this bacterium is always good for people with a digestive disorder.
Very Specific For Avoiding Complications
The book is clearly addressed to help you avoiding Barrett’s esophagus when you also have H. pylori infection (besides reflux). This is a quite unique feature and you’re not going to find it in many other books or resources available on the net.
A Step-by-Step Guidance
The book presents a series of steps to take in order for you to achieve the goal of solving your H. pylori infections. All steps are actionable and, even better, cost-effective.
A 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee
This generally is a great sign of reliability and professionality. If you follow guidelines and you fall into the two categories of people who can experience the best result, you’ll not be disappointed. In any case, this guarantee is an additional asset.

And now, let’s consider what we wished had been different.

Only Available Online
This may become an issue, under some circumstances. There’s not a hard copy to read and bring with you. Some people would be more comfortable with a checklist or even a calendar for taking note of the progression of the cure. Not a big issue, however, some people wanted to have this possibility too.
A Bit Shocking Website
The official website of the strategy is quite “old-school”, with a lot of text and big claims on the relationships between acid reflux and H. pylori infection. The basic assumption doesn’t have scientifically validated evidence, which may compromise the whole credibility of the book.
Recommended For 2 Categories Of People Only
People who suffer from H. pylori infection in general, and people who suffer from reflux AND H. pylori infection, who are on medications for long time, with a risk of serious complications (like Barrett’s esophagus). These two ONLY are the categories of people who should consider purchasing the book.
It Is More For Information Purposes
People who suffer from acid reflux (and do NOT have an H. pylori infection) can eventually consider this book only as an information integration, but other guides (you can find in our pages) should be used to treat their reflux.

As you can see, this book is not for everyone, and it may confuse many people.

The bottom line, this program is well worth a try if you fall in one of the two categories we highlighted before.

Final Thoughts

Rapid Reflux Relief is a good product to learn more about H. pylori infection.

It can be used, with restrictions, if you suffer from acid reflux.

However, we recommend referring to other books and come back to this one only after, to integrate information.

The Rapid Reflux Relief: Final Verdict
  • Effectiveness
  • Ease of Use
  • Safety
  • Available Formats
  • Updated Content
  • Customer Support
  • Proofs Of Success


Rapid Reflux Relief is a good source of information for everything that has to do with H. pylori infection. however, this is not the main cause for acid reflux, despite what the book shows you. However, you can follow the program if you’re on medications for a long time and you are at risk of complications. The preventive measures you find into this book are worth to know in any case.

What To Do Next

And now, it’s time to take action.

Grab your copy of Rapid Reflux Relief, aka the Double Protocol Program, if you think it can be of any help for your specific case.

In case you already have it, there’s a fourth, very well-written and complete integration to all programs for heartburn and reflux you should consider with attention.

Keep in mind the restrictions we presented before to avoid mistakes.

Click the button below! (if you don’t want to watch the full video, you can click on “prefer to read” just below the same video).



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